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Eliminate Your IBS Symptoms and Live Your Best Life

Online Nutrition Coaching with
The GUHT Program

Shannon Ruth

MPA, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Shannon Ruth is a dedicated professional who has transformed her own struggles with IBS and weight into a mission to help other women. With over 15 years of experience as a Physician Assistant, Shannon faced personal challenges with her health, including stress, weight gain, and IBS. Her journey led her to adopt healthier lifestyle changes, which not only alleviated her symptoms but also sparked a passion for helping others.

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Shannon focuses on empowering women to overcome their IBS, lose weight naturally, and rebuild their self-confidence. Her approach is rooted in providing practical tools and guidance to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Residing in the scenic town of Evergreen, Colorado, Shannon enjoys a fulfilling life with her husband and two teenage children.

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The GUHT Program

I teach women with irritable bowel syndrome to eliminate their symptoms, regain their energy, and lose weight naturally, so they may live their best lives.

Eliminate Your IBS Symptoms

Regain Your Energy Naturally

Lose Weight Naturally

Personalized Health Goals

Customized Nutrition Plan

Take the first step towards eliminating your IBS symptoms and living your best life.

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Participating in Shannon's GUHT program led to remarkable improvements in my health and well-being. I overcame stomach aches and gained consistent energy, no longer needing caffeine. This change also resulted in a 15-pound weight loss and better-looking hair and skin. Surprisingly, the program almost completely eliminated my asthma, allowing me to enjoy hiking again. 

- Kat B.

Shannon stands out as a coach and mentor for her authenticity and practical approach. She sets realistic expectations and leads by example, which builds trust. Her kindhearted nature and deep care for her clients shine through in her work, making the impossible seem possible, especially in managing IBS. With her guidance, I overcame gut health issues and severe anxiety, achieving daily comfort without relying on supplements. 

- Sofia M.

Working with Shannon alongside my husband proved extremely beneficial. We've embraced healthier eating habits, leading to my unexpected weight loss and improved joint health, while maintaining my workout routine. The quality of my sleep has also enhanced. I still enjoy coffee and natural sweets from fruits and whole foods. The program, devoid of calorie or carb counting, allows me to eat whole foods that agree with my gut and to listen to my body's needs.

- Heather S.

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